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Regulatory & Compliance

Private & corporate clients can benefit from Servcorp's compliance services. We can advise you on AML issues to internal structural guidance. 

Our professional team are ready to assist you towards building a strong business.

Some of the areas that we cover surrounding the regulatory and compliance field are:


Providing statutory compliance for both corporate and individual clients.


Review, monitor and implement anti-money laundering procedures and policies.


Producing legal documents for clients in accordance to due diligence  and legal financial requirements. 


Due diligence and AML procedures and policies.


Assist in any compliance matters surrounding international laws/procedures. 

View more services with CBP Services LTD:

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Legal & Corporate

Got expert advice on legal and corporate obstacles regarding local/international laws for the health of your business.

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Save time and seek professional KYC guidance with us. We will cover everything (including the boring bits), so you can save both your time, money and focus on implementing more efficiency to the workspace.

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Financial & Banking

CBP Services LTD will provide you with a breakdown with the best banking options to tailor your needs of your business. Paperwork, consultations & liaising between the bank and you, is all covered by us.

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